• "InVision Consulting created a non-intimidating, safe environment for sharing and learning."
  • "inVision speakers are dynamic and led effective activities to bring the material to life."
  • "Natalie takes a different approach to cultural competency, and spoke in a way that I could understand making a potentially difficult issue very accessible."
  • "Very clear and relevant speakers brought cultural competency into focus."
  • "The facilitators are knowledgeable, humble, and welcome feedback positively."
  • "The exploration of the cycle of oppression and unintentional prejudice were particularly impactful."
  • "Everything about the inVision Consulting presentation was useful not only for my work but also for everyday encounters."
  • "The facilitators were awesome and the exercises kept me engaged."
  • "I appreciated the facilitator's ability for not having me feel shamed for having a lack of exposure to, and differing perspectives, around the concepts discussed."
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